Gifts for Writers: 10 Fabulous Ideas to Fit all Budgets

Gifts for writers are the most fun to find! Sadly, there are so many options, the choices become overwhelming. So, if you want a handy list to pass on to friends and family or just want answers about what to give the writer in your life, look no further!


1. Gift Cards to Satisfy Every Whim

If you (or your writer friends) are anything like me, they have a wishlist overflowing with books. Why not provide them with the means to add to their library?

Best gifts for writers!

It’s important to keep current in any field, and buying books relevant to your writing will support that mission! For me, gift cards from Amazon are like finding that ever-elusive-trinket you always wanted when they used to still add them to breakfast cereal boxes! Best feeling ever knowing you can choose your gift . . . if only there was a way to make the actual purchasing decision easier!

Of course, gift cards are also useful for purchasing audiobooks for those who like reading on-the-go, or anything else you or your aspiring writer may have on their wish list.

This gorgeous gift card is perfect for the holidays because it comes with its own lovely little gift box—no need for you to even wrap it up! You can just pop it under the tree or hand it over as-is. You also have the option of changing the design and can load the card for the amount that best suits your budget.


2. Spur Creative Thinking the Fun Way

Creative Thinking Tool

This lovely little kit is an enjoyable way to fire up those neurons! Use as a warm up exercise pre-writing or for a Sunday afternoon of garnering potential ideas. The kit’s primary focus is to get you writing. Since it’s filled with inspiration and starting points, it’s sure to generate some ideas you can jot down. NOTE: Subject matter is NOT suitable for children because some topics are more adult!


3. The Proverbial Coffee Mug

Coffee for your writer!

While coffee seems synonymous with writing, it’s also perfect for tea, hot chocolate, mochas and any other hot beverage! A friend bought one of these for me as a birthday gift, and I absolutely LOVE it! It never fails to make me smile. Best part? The look on people’s faces when they read it:-) Gifts for writers like this one also provide free advertising because it’s a great way to encourage people to ask you about your writing, especially if you work in an office and write part-time . . .


4. The Essential Companion

Non-refillable journalRefillable journal

Who doesn’t love leather and paper? Journals are perfect for jotting down ideas on the fly, keeping notes on the various aspects of writing or just for doodling. Handcrafted so each journal is unique, these journals also help children in Africa! The one with the Tree of Life is not refillable, but if you want one that is refillable and comes with a handy pen, choose the plain one. Hmm, the feel of worn leather on a bound book . . . one of the most sought-after gifts for writers!


5. Indulge your Quirky Side

Quirky gifts for Writers!

Another gift from a friend! Best place to keep all my highlighters and colored pens. Having a handy caddy where I only have to stretch out a hand to grab the right color perfect for those (sometimes frenzied) creative thinking sessions is perfect!


6. Wear It! Own It!

Wearable gifs for writers 1Wearable gifs for writers 1

Yes, you’re a writer (or your friend is!) Accept it with pride, announce it to the world and look forward to loads of lovely potential interactions with future readers. Change the color of these to best suit the writer in your life.


7. Get in the Zone!

Headphones that won't break the bank!

I bought this specific pair for several reasons:

  • lightweight
  • long battery life
  • impressive sound
  • noise canceling
  • PRICE!!

It’s easy to get distracted when trying to write. My best solution to this problem? A pair of headphones. When I pop these babies on and turn up the volume to my writing playlist, I get in the zone! So no matter where I am, I can recreate my writing environment.


8. Protect Your Sanctuary

Do not disturb - writer at work

If your family is anything like mine, it’s a free-for-all the moment I sit down to write! Although, admittedly, after a few years of writing, they have all learned to be wonderfully considerate:-) If you’re still in the place where you are interrupted (or annoyed because you’re on the receiving end of that rant!), how about this lovely (polite) reminder not to interrupt?


9. Warn Your Guests!

You have entered a writer's home wall art

I just love this! It’s on my wishlist so I can hang it in my living room. What did Abraham Tucker say? “. . . forewarned is forearmed.” You never know when inspiration may strike:-)


10. Learn for Free!

Free Book!

Finally, no list is complete without having something you don’t have to pay for! If you want to add to your learning (or provide that for someone just starting out on their writing journey), there’s no better way to learn the details of self-publishing than from a master on the subject.



Fawver Pen Crafts

This is one that I found after I originally did this post, but if you’re into unique and original, how about a handcrafted pen? Doesn’t even have to be for a writer – could be for a boss or co-worker or loved one or just because . . . . This image is only one of the wide variety of pens they offer. Click on the image to link directly to them and support a small business!


To Sum Up . . .

Hopefully, this list has provided some inspiration across all price ranges for in-demand gifts for you or your writer friend. Share it with friends and family—the more the merrier. May this holiday writing season be blessed!

Also, if you have some fabulous ideas of your own, won’t you share them? I’d love to hear what others find inspiring!

(NOTE: The links contained in the images above are affiliate links. While you don’t pay a cent more than you would otherwise, you do support my coffee fund!)

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