2021 Gifts for Writers: 10 Fabulous Ideas to Fit all Budgets

Gifts for writers can be difficult to find. Take the easy route and find fabulous ideas here to fit all budgets!

I ran this post last year and it was so much fun, thought I’d share an updated version with you! Whether you write and are looking for gift ideas to give others or whether you’re looking for a gift for the writer in your life, look no further. Tried and tested, I hope these suggestions will provide the inspiration you need!

Click on the image of anything that catches your attention to learn more. Some of these links are affiliate links, so while you don’t pay a cent more, you do support my coffee fund! So, thank you!


1. Best thing I’ve added to my arsenal this year!

Seriously! Never thought the keyboard you use could make as much difference as this one has. I’ve almost doubled my word count just by getting the right keyboard. I bought this one for several reasons:

  • tried it based on this YouTube review by a guy who’s a programmer and types 170 wpm!! (A girl can dream!)
  • my accuracy immediately improved.
  • love the clicky keys – they remind me of working on my mom’s ancient ribbon typewriter
  • also, this keyboard feels good to type on, so if you’re a tactile person, this is an excellent choice. My fingers itch to use it…
  • long battery life. By which I mean, after using it for about eight hours a day, I only had to recharge after day four! Added benefit is you can use the keyboard while it’s recharging.
  • side benefit? This is actually a gaming keyboard, so, BONUS! All sorts of programmable keys… slay those dragons!
  • cool colors – yeah, this is a bit of a gimmick, but c’mon! They’re fun!

Only downside is the steep price tag. But try it before you decide it costs too much. For me, it was worth every penny to get something which so radically improved my typing speed.


2. Get Rid of Aches and Pains…

My second favorite tool this year. I love it so much, I gave one away as a prize at my recent book launch party. Hit exactly the right knots in neck, shoulders or back with this fabulous massage ball! Nothing says relaxation at the end of a writing stint quite like rewarding yourself with a few minutes with this pressed between you and the wall. I know it doesn’t look like much, but it’s the most effective way I’ve found to relieve the tension (besides a massage therapist!) after sitting at a keyboard all day. You’ll want to go to sleep afterward…


3. The Proverbial Coffee Mug

While coffee seems synonymous with writing, it’s also perfect for tea, hot chocolate, mochas and any other hot beverage! A friend bought one of these for me as a birthday gift, and I absolutely LOVE it! It never fails to make me smile. Best part? The look on people’s faces when they read it:-) Gifts for writers like this one also provide free advertising because it’s a great way to encourage people to ask you about your writing, especially if you work in an office and write part-time!


4. The Essential Companion


Who doesn’t love leather and paper? Journals are perfect for jotting down ideas on the fly, keeping notes on the various aspects of writing or just doodling. Handcrafted so each journal is unique, these journals also help children in Africa! The one with the Tree of Life is not refillable, but if you want one that is refillable and comes with a handy pen, choose the plain one. Hmm, the feel of worn leather on a bound book… one of the most sought-after gifts for writers!


5. The Other Half of the Essential Companion…

There’s nothing quite like having a decent pen to write with! Not sure if all writers are like me and LOVE stationery, but it’s my weakness. Goldpost pens have plenty of other options if these aren’t to your liking. The one on the left (red), the Lamy Safari fountain pen is an affordable fountain pen option that is great for both beginners and experienced writers. Lamy is a German fountain pen brand and they continue to create gorgeous and new limited editions of their pens.

If you have a budget for an extravagant pen, the Mistletoe fountain pen (the green one on the right) should definitely be on your list!  This is a perfect Christmas gift from a top fountain pen brand. The Benu Talisman fountain pen writes beautifully!


6. Find the Right Angle!

Seriously, if you sit at a desk staring at a screen for as much time as I do, this is for you! Adjust it six ways to Sunday. And it folds flat so you can easily take it with you wherever you go!


7. Get Down to Business!

Last year, I had a quirky, fun desk caddy, but sadly, it wasn’t too practical. After relegating that one to my markers for my planning board, I bought this one instead. Now I have:

  • a space at the back for my notebooks and journal
  • the pull out drawer for my push pins (no more sticking my fingers accidentally!)
  • little shelf on top of that for my multi-colored sticky notes
  • one upright slots for pens and highlighters
  • the other upright slot for colored markers, scissors and ruler, and
  • the open section in the front for my white-out tape, paper clips and sundries. It really is the perfect caddy!


8. Writerly Inspiration

Sometimes the writer in your life just needs a little self-affirmation. Buy something they can have front and center, reminding them who they are!


9. Almost the Last resort…

If you (or your writer friends) are anything like me, they have a wishlist overflowing with books. Why not provide them with the means to add to their library?

It’s important to keep current in any field, and buying books relevant to your writing will support that mission! For me, gift cards from Amazon are like finding that ever-elusive-trinket you always wanted when they used to still add them to breakfast cereal boxes! Best feeling ever knowing you can choose your gift . . . if only there was a way to make the actual purchasing decision easier!

Of course, gift cards are also useful for purchasing audiobooks for those who like reading on-the-go, or anything else you or your aspiring writer may have on their wish list.


10. Learn for Free!

Finally, no list is complete without having something you don’t have to pay for! If you want to add to your learning (or provide that for someone just starting out on their writing journey), there’s no better way to learn the details of self-publishing than from a master on the subject.


To Sum Up…

Hopefully, this list has provided a few ideas across all price ranges for in-demand gifts for you or your writer friend. Share it with friends and family—the more the merrier. May this holiday writing season be blessed!

Also, if you have some fabulous ideas of your own, won’t you share them? I’d love to hear what others find useful and/or inspiring!


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