If you have questions, this would be the place to get answers! I have to state the obvious; my website is new so there aren’t any FAQ listed here yet. I trust these will come in time and I can answer them for you (or I can find someone who can)!




I can’t answer your unasked questions, but I can give you some recommendations for writing sites I love:


Publisher Rocket

Self Publishing Launchpad

Amy Harrop Content Profits

Helping Writers Become Authors

The Creative Penn

Authority Pub


I will be adding to these sites as I find others that are helpful to me. In the meantime, to avoid information overload, I suggest picking two or three sites that suit your needs and focusing on these.

Still have questions?

I’m sure some of you will, so if you’re not finding what you want or have something you would be interested in learning about, please reach out to me directly through my Contact page.