Break the “I didn’t write today” habit

Does this sound like your writing habit? It’s the end of another day. As you climb into bed, you mourn the fact that you didn’t do any writing. Again. But you promise yourself you’ll write tomorrow. Except you don’t. And the cycle continues. Ad nauseam. Until you want to hit your head against a tree […]

Outlining: The Way to Escape the Idea Jungle!

You did what I suggested and brainstormed ideas for your book. Now what? If you read my last post then you’ll know the next step is outlining. What is outlining? Outlining is simply a way to get your ideas into some sort of order, to organize the chaos! You wouldn’t want to read a book […]

Always wanted to write a book? Why are you waiting? Get writing!

If your question is, how do I become a writer, the simple answer is, “Start writing!” Yes, it’s as unpretentious as that. “But I don’t know what to write!” is the common complaint I’ve heard. Check out my free gift! The world has come a long way from typewriters, newspapers and libraries. Now, you can […]