Your First Draft

It’s time for that first draft. You’ve gone through the “pre-writing” process. It’s time to start writing. And what do you do? You sit and stare at the blank screen, not sure where to start. Or you rewrite the first sentence a million times. Or you find a dozen other arbitrary things to do instead. […]

Setting – What is it and why is it important for your novel?

Before you start It’s a great day! You’ve settled on an idea for your work of fiction. But before you dive headlong into the first chapter, have you decided on a setting for your tale? Imagine how disturbing it would be if your story is a historical fiction around the time of the Irish potato […]

Break the “I didn’t write today” habit

Does this sound like your writing habit? It’s the end of another day. As you climb into bed, you mourn the fact that you didn’t do any writing. Again. But you promise yourself you’ll write tomorrow. Except you don’t. And the cycle continues. Ad nauseam. Until you want to hit your head against a tree […]