I’m sure my history isn’t nearly as interesting as you think, but in case you want to know, here it is!

I grew up near the gold mines of South Africa, watching gold being poured and eating the best strawberries ever that grew near there. Our family moved provinces when I was thirteen – new friends, new school, new home! (I stayed with my cousins for a while – ever noticed how different families do things so uniquely?) I attended an all-girls high school before going to university to study accounting – I know, right? How did I go from numbers to letters?

I was a waitress, bank courtesy clerk and did account reconciliations to pay the bills while studying. During that time, I met my wonderful husband. A few years later, we were married and I had qualified as a Chartered Accountant (South Africa). I left Ernst & Young and began lecturing and doing my husband’s business accounts in-between having our first two children.

Then came the big move to the U.S.A., followed by another child and moving states. I kept myself occupied homeschooling our kids through high school, before going back to work part-time as an accountant/office manager for various businesses. Now my time homeschooling has come to an end. I finally get to spend time doing what I’ve always wanted to – becoming a writer. Scary stuff!


Joys and Pet Peeves

Okay, enough history! What else? I love my family (goes without saying!), tennis, hiking in the mountains (no rock climbing for me!), central heating (bliss when you’ve come from a country that doesn’t have it!), Colorado and gardening (or “playing in my sandpit” as my family calls it!). I hate pessimism, drivers who text while driving, offensive bumper stickers, dust (it never goes away!) and flat tires (so inconvenient!!)

Enough about me! Thanks again for visiting my page. I appreciate you taking the time!!