Laws of Attrition Series

Laws of Attrition is a dystopian scifi thriller series.

While Chiara starts as an unreliable narrator, she soon wakes to the world around her and sees things for what they truly are… horrendous!

First Law of Attrition

Best job in the world.

A lab to die for.

What is she missing?

As head of her conglomerate-controlled world’s R&D labs, Chiara Baschet has everything a brilliant scientist and inventor extraordinaire could ever want. She’s free to explore any idea, indulge every innovative whim.

But exhilarating as the work is, Chiara rarely sees her family. Separated from them when she was six years old, the only time she gets with them now is when she completes a project. Successfully. Cygnus, the mysterious director of Cirrian Conglomerate, grants or denies her access to them based on her performance, and only his influence ensures they share Chiara’s comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

Then the director assigns an impossible task—creating a cold fusion energy source—and Chiara’s world implodes. Because this is a project beyond even her ingenuity.

In desperation, Chiara attempts to solve the unsolvable, but her quest to protect the ones she loves leads her to realize nothing in her world is what it seems.

First Law of Attrition is a riveting sci-fi dystopian saga full of hope, tragedy, and awakening. Perfect for fans of Red Rising and The Maze Runner.



Second Law of Attrition

Chiara knew she was missing something. She never dreamed it was everything.

Awakened to the seedy underbelly of her utopia, Chiara thought that was the worst of it. Then Director Cygnus, her benefactor turned worst enemy, stole her beloved brother. A brother he’s promised to return when she repairs the cold fusion energy source she created for him.

If only he’d keep that promise! Also, if her suspicions are correct and he’s using her inventions for evil instead of good, Chiara can never give him the technology. How does she pretend to grant Cygnus’s desires to achieve her own objectives, yet defeat him in the process?

Her only choice is to ally with Deran, the sole person who seems willing to share what he knows about the world they live in. Still, Chiara can’t help but ask herself—is the swoon-worthy mechanic worthy of her trust, or is he another tool wielded by the almighty conglomerate controlling their world?

But fortune never favored cowards. For Chiara to save her family, she must take risks. Even trust someone in a world where trust equals death.

This is the second book in the Laws of Attrition series. For a better reading experience, please read the books in series order.