Urban Fantasy

Forecast of Shadows

Forecaster can see the future. Except the one time it mattered most . . . 

Forecast of Shadows by Bronwyn LerouxSince the fateful day she was kidnapped by a psychopath with the ability to block her visions of what’s to come, Forecaster has used her gift to become the feared leader of a notorious gang in her decimated world. Dispensed forecasts for obscene sums making her rich beyond imagining. Cast aside any hope of vengeance in favor of an easy payout.

But she doesn’t want to be Forecaster, a mask forced on her by the trauma she survived. She secretly longs to be simply Nylah, the girl she was before her world fell apart. But she sees no way out of the harsh life she’s built for herself—until she forecasts the future for a pair of distraught parents and discovers their daughter may lead her to the man who ruined her life.

Can Forecaster free herself from the lie that’s her life and live the forecast she always dreamed would be her future? Or will she succumb to the man who haunts her dreams and leave an innocent girl to her dreadful fate?