Dawn of Dreams


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Dawn of Dreams is the first book in an epic scifi adventure series.

In a park, two strangers meet by chance . . .

Only to discover they share a magical ability.

And both their families hide the same secret . . .

In 2073, Jaden and Kayla become friends and realize they can both see a terrifying creature that’s invisible to everyone else. Bonded by magic, they investigate their bizarre connection and learn their lives are built on lies, and that reality bends in many directions . . .

Determined to uncover the truth, they set out on an epic quest. But a malevolent force pursues them relentlessly, stopping at nothing to end their journey. Can Jaden and Kayla unravel the mysteries of the past and ensure the earth has a future, or will their world be forever cursed?

If you live for futuristic paranormal fantasy, you’ll love this breakneck adventure that reviewers are raving about! Grab your copy and find out why readers want to know, “When is Destiny Book 2 coming out!!?”

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