First Law of Attrition


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First Law of Attrition is the first book in a dystopian scifi thriller series.

Best job in the world. A lab to die for. What is she missing?

As head of her conglomerate-controlled world’s R&D labs, Chiara Baschet has everything a brilliant scientist and inventor extraordinaire could ever want. She’s free to explore any idea, indulge every innovative whim.

But exhilarating as the work is, Chiara rarely sees her family. Separated from them when she was six years old, the only time she gets with them now is when she completes a project. Successfully. Cygnus, the mysterious director of Cirrian Conglomerate, grants or denies her access to them based on her performance, and only his influence ensures they share Chiara’s comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

Then the director assigns an impossible task—creating a cold fusion energy source—and Chiara’s world implodes. Because this is a project beyond even her ingenuity.

In desperation, Chiara attempts to solve the unsolvable, but her quest to protect the ones she loves leads her to realize nothing in her world is what it seems.

First Law of Attrition is a riveting sci-fi dystopian saga full of hope, tragedy, and awakening. Perfect for fans of Red Rising and The Maze Runner.

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